Spanish Power of Attorney

If you live in the UK but have property interests in Spain, having to deal with these interests in person can be expensive and time-consuming. Be clever and safe money.

In many cases, a practical alternative will be to appoint someone to act on your behalf locally and undertake specific actions with your permission.

Whatever the nature of your property interests, we can provide fast, responsive support to afford you exceptional legal guidance and peace of mind.

Our English-speaking Spanish lawyers are friendly and approachable, offering a uniquely personalised service whatever your circumstances. We will take the time to discuss your business with us in detail, explaining matters clearly and straightforwardly and answering any questions you may have in a simple, jargon-free manner.


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More information about ordinary powers of attorney

A Power of Attorney gives formal written authorisation for a third party, such as a solicitor, to undertake actions on your behalf. Our Spanish lawyers regularly act on behalf of UK property owners who do not live in Spain dealing with matters on their behalf when they are not in Spain or are unable to do so for other reasons.

A Power of Attorney is the easiest and most practical way of enabling your Spanish lawyer to perform this role. Granting a Power of Attorney allows your solicitor to undertake tasks, carry out procedures and sign documents on your behalf by giving them express permission to do so.

When seeking to buy a property in Spain, a Power of Attorney can be used to authorise your lawyer to open a Spanish bank account on your behalf, obtain your NIE number, pay taxes and to sign and submit documents required for the completion of the transaction.

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